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Our products are based on sustainable production. The textiles have been awarded the "Peta approved vegan" certificate. The GOTS certificate also confirms that we only work with sustainable textiles and that our textiles consist of at least 70% organically produced natural fibers. Our shipping is climate neutral and plastic free.

Your choice

We donate 10% of our profit per product sold to aid organizations that are committed to environmentally conscious projects. We provide 2 organizations. You can decide for yourself to which aid organization the donation flows through your purchase.

Fair working conditions

We work exclusively with "Fair Ware" awarded partners. Among other things, attention is paid to fair working conditions in the textile factories and fair remuneration for the employees. In order to achieve this, the Fair Wear Foundation has people in every country of production who control the workflow and ensure that all of their criteria are met.

Decide what we donate

Ozeankind devotes a lot of time to the very young generation of our planet to educate them about the problems of plastic waste in our nature. 

Furthermore, Ozeankind also deals with the direct problem and creates so-called "clean ups", in which they collect garbage with a team in the oceans, on beaches and in other natural areas.

Primaklima is a non-profit organization that has existed since 1991.
Since then, Primaklima has been committed to the climate by planting trees worldwide and protecting existing forests. The focus is on the ecological and social added value in all prima climate projects.

about us

Humans and nature have always been in harmony. It is natural for us to keep this connection in balance. We are aware of our responsibility as a clothing brand and attach great importance to quality, which is expressed not only in our high-quality processed products, but also in a supply chain that is sustainable for people and the environment.

We are always looking for new ways and opportunities to develop ourselves in all areas. Progress instead of stagnation. New ways instead of standing still. To achieve maximum comfort and quality. 

To share our vision of a fairer world, we donate 10% of our profits to one of the 2 selected charities. You, the customer, decide where the donation should go. We are happy about everyone who wants to accompany us on our way.

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